Where is Jared Polis on water?

Mr. Polis,

During this election cycle your leadership has been noticeably nonexistent from the dialogue of addressing water policy in Colorado. Voters have been left to guess your positions based on clunky conversations in the media and your less-than-stellar congressional track record on this issue.

Given your propensity to keep voters in the dark about issues which aren’t on your political agenda we are calling on you to clearly articulate your plans for our state’s most precious natural resource. Release a full water plan which includes your stances on issues such as the Colorado River Compact, transcontinental water diversion, and development of the Colorado River Basin.

Voters across the state deserve to know where you stand on the resource that is the basis of their livelihoods. We, the undersigned, want a solid and specific plan regarding water policy so that we can make an informed decision this November.